Tablet commerce experiment from Google uses 3D technology

google sign Google Pixel and Pixel XL

It may be that the tech giant will have these mobile devices ready by late June for its developer conference.

Google is working on a new angle in its tablet commerce, with the development of a new device that will be capable of capturing three dimensional images through its advanced vision abilities.

The start of next month should bring with it the creation of approximately 4,000 prototypes of this device.

This new tablet commerce device will likely be created in time for the Google developer conference (Google I/O) and will be made specifically for those developers on June 25. The tablet is reported to be designed with a 7 inch screen, as well as two back cameras, infrared depth sensors, and the software that is necessary for the processing of images in 3D. This mobile device is the latest portion of the company’s Project Tango.

This latest step in mobile commerce development could represent a major step forward in technology.

google  sign tablet commerceThe reason is that Google’s Project Tango is the company’s effort to come up with a mobile device that will maintain a common sense of movement and space with humans, and that will be able to perceive and understand the surrounding environment in the same way as a person. By the time this article was written, a spokesperson from Google declined the opportunity for immediate comment regarding the details of the device.

Earlier this year, in February, there was already a Tango prototype launched in the form of a 5 inch Android smartphone. It brought together tech from robotics and from computer vision in order to be able to form a three dimensional model of the surroundings of that gadget.

The tablet commerce technology could be quite useful for a number of different purposes, particularly in the area of mapping and planning. For example, it could be used to display a three dimensional floor plan for a house, so that it is easier for a user to be able to shop for furniture or home décor, or it could provide assistance in locating the exact shelf where a desired product can be found within a store.

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