T-commerce strategy taken on by CVS

Tablet Commerce

Tablet t-CommerceThe drugstore has been taken to a mobile format that is specifically optimized for tablets.

CVS has released a virtual shop that has been t-commerce optimized so that consumers can learn and shop through the use of their iPads from home or wherever they happen to be.

This may be highly appealing to individuals who are already under the weather but are looking for the products they need.

The new t-commerce application could be highly appealing to busy individuals and those who are feeling too under the weather to have to get out of bed and get dressed in order to make the trek to their local drugstore. This is designed to help them to obtain the products – such as medications – that they require to help relieve their pains, aches, and cold symptoms.

The t-commerce app also allows consumers to shop for the other household items sold by CVS

The t-commerce application is quite unique in that it provides consumers with a virtual 3D version of an actual CVS store, so that they can shop for items in a way that is very similar to how they would inside the shop. Consumers simply need to tap on the aisle that they would like to enter, and that option expands so that they can look at the products that are available on those shelves.

Beyond the products that are available, t-commerce consumers are also able to purchase services. For instance, if they tap on the icon of the camera, then they gain access to the CVS Photo Center and the services that are connected to that.

According to the CVS senior vice president and chief digital officer, Brian Tilzer, “About a year ago, we began to notice more and more significant traffic from tablet devices and decided we needed to start thinking about providing an easy-to-use experience geared towards iPads.” He added that “Early on the plan was to create a 3-D virtual store that would feel intuitive to navigate as our customers are so familiar with our store layout, Our plan is to continue to test, refine and augment the app.”

He also explained that customers are able to use the t-commerce app to check for updates to be able to take advantage of additional features for safety, as well as more interactive functionalities, as they are released throughout the year.

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