Survey highlights the growth of mobile commerce

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Mobile commerce is beginning to expand in several prominent markets

OHT-Mobile has released the results of its latest survey, which covers eight global markets and highlights the growth of mobile commerce. The countries covered in the survey are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. In each of these countries, mobile commerce has been growing at an accelerate rate. This has to do with the high penetration of smartphones and other technologies, as well as the efforts retailers are making to reach a digital audience.

62% of consumers prefer personal computers when shopping online, but mobile is growing quickly

According to the survey, 62% of the consumers in these countries prefer to access online stores with their traditional computers. These consumers feel more comfortable using their computers to shop online because they have been doing so for a longer period of time. Many consider personal computers to be safer and more convenient for shopping online, but a growing number of people are beginning to turn to their mobile devices so they can shop from wherever they are and whenever they want.

UK may have the highest population of mobile shoppers

black friday mobile commerce shoppingIn the United States, approximated 63% of the consumers that shop online do so from a personal computer, while 33% of consumers use their mobile devices. Mobile shoppers are more prevalent in Canada, Germany, and Italy, but the United Kingdom may have the highest population of mobile shoppers, with 48% of consumers preferring to use their devices to shop online. Mobile commerce is also flourishing in Japan, where consumers have become quite comfortable with the concept of shopping online with a smartphone.

Retailers are beginning to become mobile-centric in order to engage consumers more effectively

The survey highlights the importance of creating an enjoyable e-commerce experience for consumers. If consumers enjoy their shopping experience, they are more likely to continue shopping at a particular retailer in the future. Optimizing e-commerce platforms for mobile devices is also becoming more important as mobile commerce begins to play a larger and more influential role in the retail space.

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