Suncorp Bank shows support for mobile payments

mobile payments credit card

Bank will be launching its own mobile commerce service in the near future

Suncorp Bank has announced that it will be accepting mobile payments from the iOS and Android platforms The bank has plans to begin rolling out mobile payment support on its mobile application for Android devices beginning in 2015. Afterward, the organization plans to begin working with Apple to make payments through the Apple Pay platform possible for its customers. Mobile payment support may be welcome among Suncorp customers who have shown favor for shopping and banking online from their mobile devices.

NFC-based mobile commerce services are becoming more popular among consumers

Suncorp had initially been wary of mobile payments because of its association with NFC technology. This technology is sometimes seen as lacking in security capabilities, which can put consumer financial information at risk. Most popular mobile commerce services are using this technology, however, and they have not found any significant issue with NFC. Suncorp had also believed that there was a lack of consumer interest in NFC-based mobile payments. Over the past year, Suncorp has seen the interest in NFC-based mobile commerce increase significantly.

NFC technology has found a place of acceptance in the mobile space

mobile payments credit cardNFC-based mobile commerce had some difficulty gaining traction with consumers in the past. This was due to the limited availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. As these devices have become more common, a growing number of consumers are beginning to participate in mobile commerce. Apple Pay is one of the latest NFC-based mobile commerce services to come from a large company. The service has already received a great deal of support among consumers.

Suncorp Bank finds success with its other mobile commerce service, QuickShare

Suncorp is not new to mobile payments, as it has been experimenting with its own service as part of a pilot project. This service, called QuickShare,” uses text messages and QR codes to facilitate mobile transactions. The service has found significant success, according to Suncorp, but the bank wants to move on to NFC technology now that NFC-based services are becoming more popular among consumers.

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