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Sumotext Corporation, a leading provider of short code SMS gateway applications, has revealed their article “Top 10 Attributes of a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign” has been included in Mobile Marketer’s yearly production of “Classic Guide to Mobile Creative.”

Sumotext is the leading platform to control SMS marketing through short codes. Their self-service platform is trusted by leading companies, agencies and non-profits. They primarily support and enhance a self-serve platform that their client’s can access online and control SMS marketing and SMS giving programs via short codes.

Timothy Miller, the President of Sumotext, touches on some key points that SMS plays when being used to increase email marketing, mobile apps and other customer controlled projects. Google and Apple together, activate about 450 thousand phones a day; the opportunity is there for an effective SMS program.

Traditional methods of developing a database for managing customer relationships aren’t working anymore. There are too many factors interfering with the data. Customers move often and change their address. They change email addresses and they change (home) phone carriers.

The only successful element to connect commerce, social networking and multimedia is the mobile phone. The growth of SMS (texting) and its popularity is explained by its easy access. Almost everyone has a mobile phone now. Most Americans have their phone with them wherever they go. This makes texting the perfect structure to connect and build on other avenues.

Miller commented that at Sumotext, they call SMS the “enhancement channel.” It’s great at getting high response rates, gathering data and giving fun, self service tools to mobile audiences. There are simple techniques that can reduce a business’s cost and increase revenue; just by using an SMS marketing platform.

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