Study underlines the importance of mobile commerce to shoppers

Mobile Commerce Shopping

Mobile Commerce Shopping

Research shows almost 40 percent of American adult mobile owners want to shop with their devices

A new poll commissioned by Placecast and performed by Harris Interactive, has indicated that Americans are increasingly adopting smartphones for all elements of their shopping experiences, ranging from research about a specific or type of product, to price comparisons and purchases.

The poll suggested that 20 percent of all adult mobile device users in the United States (with either feature phones or smartphones), approximately 39 million people, have made some kind of online purchase using that device for making a purchase within the previous twelve months. It also showed that Americans also have a growing interest in marketing through text messages.

This is the third wave of polling that Placecast has commissioned to be conducted by Harris Interactive online.

The research was performed in February 2012 and showed that the rates of purchasing among owners of smartphones were notably higher than those among the owners of standard cellular phones. It suggested that 34 percent of smartphone users have bought a product or service with their mobile device, whereas only 20 percent of standard phone users had done the same.


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Across all of these device users, there has been an 8 percent increase in interest for using a mobile device as a part of the overall shopping experience and to make a purchase over the last two years. Again, among both feature phone and smartphone users, 38 percent feel that being able to buy products using a mobile device is at least somewhat important. In this, smartphones feel more strongly that this is the case, as 59 percent of them believe that it is as least somewhat important to be able to buy something using the device.

American adults were also found to be more receptive to marketing using text messages.

Over thirty percent of mobile phone owners who were not receiving text messages from companies at the time said that they would be interested in receiving them from brands as long as it was through an opt-in service. This figure equates to 64 million residents of the United States.


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