Study shows that digital marketers are unsatisfied with currently available tools

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
According to a survey held by Web Liquid, a digital marketing agency based in New York, digital marketers are recognizing the value of social media monitoring, but are not fully satisfied with the tools available to get the job done.

Social media marketing is already known to be highly important, with 74 percent of marketers making an effort to track online conversations held by consumers regarding their brands. The survey included the participation of 237 marketers at the senior level, among whom 95 percent believed that consumer conversations online over social networking platforms are an important element to the success of the overall marketing strategies.

That said while monitoring of social media is considered to be highly important and is widely utilized, these same respondents indicated that they saw areas where improvement is necessary. Only 23 percent of the marketing execs claimed to have been “very satisfied” with the tools that they were using for their monitoring practices.

The study also showed that the marketers were twice as likely to be pleased with the monitoring tools they had for social media when they were using paid solutions with a greater amount of sophistication, as opposed to features that were offered to them for free, such as Google Alerts.

Web Liquid’s founding partner, Matt Cronin, explained that one of the most tried-and-true methods of marketing is word of mouth, and that being able to observe the way it occurs by way of the current digital environment provides fundamental insights about brands and consumers. He went on to say that there is a vast range of different tools available in order to monitor these conversations, “but marketers also need more sophisticated programs in place to capitalize on the growing opportunities in this online conversation.”

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