Study shows latest iPhone doubles the consumption of data

iphone 4S

iphone 4S
According to a recent study, the latest Apple mobile phone release, the iPhone 4S, consumes an average of two times more data than the previous generation of the device, and even more than the iPad tablets, as a result of the growing use of its online services such as Siri, the virtual personal assistant.

This latest device has been in users’ hands since October 2011, and the small improvements that were made to it over its previous version brought disappointment to many reviewers and analysts, but this didn’t stop the strength of the consumer demand, and the steady use of the device since that time.

Furthermore, the users of the iPhone 4S transfer an average of three times more data than those using the iPhone 3G older version of the phone. When compared to the use of the iPhone 4, the previous model of the device, the data usage was 1.6 times higher than the use of the iPhone 3G. At the same time, when compared with the data consumption of the iPhone 3G, the iPad2 tablet consumes approximately 2.5 times more.

Arieso, a telecom network technology firm, performed the study that provided this information. It shows that the most recent generations of mobile devices are placing a much higher demand on the bandwidth available from carriers, as individuals use their devices for more videos and applications.

This is also putting a greater amount of strain on wireless operators, who must intensify their capacity investments at a time when they are already battling with telecom networks that are clogged.

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