Study shows consumer interest in mobile commerce is growing quickly

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Mobile Shopping Trends
The results of a recent study have shown that shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in mobile commerce.

The research was performed by Liz Claiborne Inc. and Group SJR, and it involved 801 respondents who answered questions about their habits regarding mobile shopping. Among all of the results, there was one that stood out above the rest as being both notable and concerning.

The answers provided by the participants showed that they had noticed two significant hurdles for shopping using a mobile device.

The first was the question of data security. This was not at all surprising, considering the fact that data breaches to networks and websites for companies and organizations large and small are being reported virtually every day. Moreover, since most people don’t actually know how their mobile devices work, this can also make a user feel less confident about the security of the personal data it contains and transfers.


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The second hurdle was the experience level of the user. According to the survey’s results, “54% of smartphone users and 61% of tablet users said they find mobile applications and websites ineffective and difficult to use.” They also noted that this experience led them to think twice about making future purchases by way of the mobile devices.

As consumers continue to consider mobile commerce for making their purchases, it is important for marketers to take these two factors into consideration to ensure that those shoppers feel more comfortable and confident with the use of the technology. The interest is there. It is a matter of properly presenting it.

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