Students use QR codes to share history of town

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Teens from Sacred Heart School in Swaffham have placed quick response codes around their town.

Students from the Swaffham Sacred Heart School have used QR codes to provide visitors to the Town Trail with access to video recordings that offer more information about the historical site that they are facing.

There are a total of 44 different quick response codes that have been placed at locations throughout the town.

These QR codes are scanned by smartphones and tablets in order to play recordings that offer information about the person or location that is historically relevant. Some of the points of interest that have been labeled with the barcodes include the Butter Cross and St Peter and St Paul’s Church. The trail also provides mobile device users with more information about the connection that the town has with Harry Hill, the comedian who was once attacked by a swan, there.

The QR codes can be found outside on a number of railings and posts, as well as in windows.

qr codes travelThe students from the school launched the initiative only a handful of days before the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the town’s market. The celebration will last for two days, over July 18 and 19. The head teacher at the Sacred Heart School, Sister Francis Ridler, explained that “It’s been absolutely fantastic, the children have worked so hard and have been so enthusiastic. They are pleased with their results and they have got something to show for their hard work. It will be here forever.”

The original idea to create the trail lined in QRcodes was from Greyfriars Bobby, a statue of a Skye terrier in the town. Sister Francis noticed a barcode on the statue that is meant to provide more information about the piece.

The students at the school were assigned the task for the QR codes as a part of their half-term holiday challenge. The result has been an impressive collection of historical information that can be easily shared with members of the community as well as visitors to the town. The arrival of the trail is very well timed as there will be certain to be many tourists in the area to celebrate the market’s 800th birthday.

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