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FinTech Innovation Lab, a collaborative effort between Accenture and the New York City Investment Fund – supported by the banking community of New York – has unveiled six new graduates at an event that revealed the progress made by each after a tiny period of only three months.

The presentations made for each of the startups emphasized the unique value that would be provided to the financial sector through their technology. They also clearly demonstrated what they have identified as the top trends that are already underway in financial technology. These trends include mobile and online billing and payment systems, advanced risk management, and data analytics.

Among the startups were the following:

• Zipmark – a mobile payment service that uses quick response (QR) codes to replace written checks. The solution is quick and easy for both customers and vendors, and keeps costs to a minimum.

• Mosaic from CB Insights – while CB Insights already offers private companies and startups with structured data, Mosaic has added an algorithm-driven real-time intelligence and insight service which draws data from a broad range of publically available sources to improve the speed and ability to understand a company’s health, such as in a due diligence process.

• Aquamin – this software company offers investment researchers, analysts, and traders tools for 3D visualization and analytics. These tools provide an information landscape out of heaps of data. This permits better understanding and therefore improved interaction with the information.

Each of the startups is considered to be an innovator that is developing the next generation of technology for the finance industry.

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