Starbucks mobile loyalty apps lead the way as customer favorites

Starbucks Mobile Loyalty - Starbucks Coffee

Considering the success of the coffee chain’s applications and mobile payments, this is not surprising.

Starbucks mobile loyalty has proven strong once again as the coffee chain’s apps win out as most popular among consumers. This, according to a recent survey by The Manifest.

The survey examined consumer behavior and preferences when it comes to restaurant apps.

The strength of the popularity of Starbucks mobile loyalty apps likely isn’t a surprise to many people. The company has long been considered to be the top success story when it comes to mobile commerce. The m-commerce app has become exceptionally well adopted both for ordering and for mobile payments, among other interactions. The loyalty rewards program has continually skyrocketed in use over the last few years.

Many companies look to Starbucks as the example of how to successfully use mobile technology to reach consumers.

The Manifest, a business news and information website, conducted a survey across 511 daily smartphone app users. In order to be eligible to take part in the survey, the participants had to use at least three different apps per day.

48 percent of the survey participants said they regularly used the Starbucks mobile loyalty app.

Comparatively, 34 percent of the survey participants regularly used the Domino’s app. Slightly behind them were the 30 percent who regularly used the Pizza Hut app. It was clear from the survey results that Starbucks had a considerable lead over all the other quick service restaurants and coffee chains.

The Manifest speculated that the reason so many smartphone users regularly use the Starbucks app is due to the positive overall user experience it provides. Mobile device users continually go back to the application because they like the way it works and what it brings them.

Starbucks Mobile Loyalty - Starbucks Coffee“The Starbucks app also clearly communicates to users how they can earn rewards, and it offers real value — not only through free food and drinks, but also by offering free music, games and other goodies,” said The Manifest in a press release announcing its survey results.

The Starbucks mobile loyalty app continues to lead the way after years of attempts by other companies. Many speculate that its popularity will only continue to strengthen.

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