Sprint to offer Samsung’s Galaxy S III this year

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

Galaxy S III’s NFC capabilities highlighted by Sprint

Telecommunications giant Sprint has announced that it will begin carrying Samsung’s new Galaxy S III later this month. Though Sprint will not be the only company offering the Galaxy S III, it will be the first to include Google’s Wallet mobile payment platform with the phone. The Galaxy S III is equipped with an NFC chip that allows it to make mobile transactions, a feature that has been gaining interest amongst consumers for some time. The Galaxy S III boasts of several other features, but Sprint and Samsung have been eager to highlight the device’s NFC capabilities.

NFC beginning to grow as a response to consumer demand

NFC technology has taken the mobile world by storm. The technology is capable of transforming nearly any smart phone or handheld device into a mobile payment platform. This allows consumers to make purchases of goods and services directly from their mobile device. NFC has managed to capture the interest of large companies like Sprint and Google for this very purpose. In Google’s case, the company’s interest has meant the support of an emerging industry that could change the way people make purchases.

Smart phone to include Google Wallet

The Galaxy S III is fully NFC-enabled, which means that it will be able to make mobile transactions and interact with NFC technology as soon as the phone is activated. Sprint is offering an unlimited data plan to go along with the smart phone, which it hopes will be alluring for tech-savvy consumers. The company’s inclusion of Google Wallet is also expected to appeal to consumers who are interested in mobile commerce. Google Wallet is capable of facilitating mobile payments from over 100,000 retailers throughout the U.S.

Security concerns still abound amongst consumers

Mobile commerce has become a popular subject as NFC technology manages to garner more attention. Consumers have proven themselves wary of mobile transactions, however, due to a number of security concerns. Google Wallet has been criticized for its lackluster security in the past, a fact that Google has not ignored. Though the company has made improvements to its NFC payment system, consumers are still divided on the issue of mobile commerce.

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