Sprint conference to highlight capabilities of NFC technology

nfc technology

nfc technology

NFC technology playing a large role in evolution of mobile business

Telecommunications giant Sprint is slated to host its 12th annual Open Solutions Conference at the end of this month in San Jose, California. The event is known for hosting various presentations concerning the telecommunications ecosystem around the world. This year, however, those attending the event will not just be hearing from industry experts, they will also be hearing from large retail brands, advertising agencies, and venture capitalists. These groups will be touching on the changes that are coming to the mobile world and the roles mobile commerce and NFC technology are playing.

Mobile commerce proves important to retailers

Sprint has long acknowledges the fact that the mobile world is experiencing drastic changes. These changes began with the advent of mobile devices and the industry continued to evolve as these devices grew smarter and were filled with innovative technologies. The latest of these technologies is NFC, which forms the cornerstone of mobile commerce. Mobile commerce itself is a simple concept: Mobile devices used to make payments for goods and services. This concept is quickly becoming very important for retailers.

Retailers enamored with mobile commerce and NFC technology

The retail industry sees a great deal of potential in mobile commerce and has been working to adopt mobile commerce systems in recent years. Retail brands attending the Open Solutions Conference this year will detail their mobile commerce plans in an effort to get experts in the mobile industry to understand their position in the burgeoning industry. Advertising agencies will also touch upon the advent of mobile commerce, but much of their attention will be devoted to the use of NFC technology.

Advertisers see NFC technology as a boon

NFC technology is beginning to play a larger role in marketing. The technology allows for more dynamic engagement between businesses and consumers and has proven to be somewhat more flexible than QR codes in mobile marketing. During the conference, attendees are expected to gain a great deal of insight on how NFC technology is impacting other industries of business and what that could mean for industries that have chosen not to embrace NFC.

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