South Korean social network Ovjet uses augmented reality to stand out amongst the competition

Augmented Reality Social Network

Augmented Reality Social Network

South Korea’s Kiwiple is virtual unknown outside of its home country. The company specializing in social networking and its associated technologies and has some big plans on how to make itself the biggest name in social media since Facebook. The company managed to gain some attention around the world in 2010 when it showed off a new augmented reality application for smart phones that was linked to its Ovjet social networking platform. Kiwiple now has ambitious plans to take this application to the next level and become one of the first social networks to make use of augmented reality.

The company’s app allows smart phone users to scan a crowd with the phone’s camera. Using image recognition, the app can find people that are on the Ovjet social network and provide the user with information that can be found on their profiles. The app has been downloaded more than 11 million times, showing impressive growth since its launch in 2010. Kiwiple now has plans to make Ovjet its flagship project, believing that it will have the capability to overshadows services like Facebook and Twitter.

Ovjet is, essentially, a mixing of all the most popular social media platforms today. Ovjet features services similar to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and even some dating websites. The major difference, of course, is that the platform relies and implements augmented reality. As such, it is one of the more engaging forms of social networking currently available.

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