South East Labels looks to teach businesses how to use QR codes effectively

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

QR codes growing more popular with businesses, but not so with consumers

As the number of consumers in the United Kingdom approaches critical mass, companies are beginning to realize that now is the time to make use of mobile marketing. For this reason, QR codes are becoming widely used by companies interested in reaching out to mobile consumers. These consumers have shown only mild interest in the QR codes and their associated campaigns, but the demand for the codes from the country’s companies has not shown signs of abatement. As businesses continue to implement QR codes, the proper use of these codes is becoming ever more important.

Tips on how to use QR codes

South East Labels (SEL), a maker of labels and barcodes based in the UK, has launched a new service this week. The service aims to provide businesses with a more intuitive way to make use of QR codes and other marketing tools. SEL has also provided some tips that could help companies make better use of QR codes and improve the performance of their future campaigns that make use of the codes. The company believes that using the codes properly could entice consumers to scan them more.

Dynamic content and explanations for use of paramount importance

One of the tips offered by SEL is to inform consumers of the benefits of scanning a QR code. Many consumers are unwilling to scan codes because they do not know what they will get in return. The company also suggests that QR codes should not be linked to a company’s homepage. Instead, the codes should link to a webpage that contains dynamic content. This way, consumers will not need to navigate their way through a site just to find something that they were looking for.

Functionality is key

SEL notes that functionality is one of the most important aspects of a QR code. If the code is not readable by the vast majority of code scanning applications, then it will likely be a failure with consumers. If the QR code is not linked to content that is optimized to be viewed on a mobile device, it will also not fare well with consumers, as the majority of these people will be scanning the codes from a smart phone or some other mobile device.

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