Sound activated AR Lens Launched by Budweiser for World Cup 2018

Sound Activated AR Lens - Budweiser World Cup 2010 Game

The limited edition augmented reality lens will be available to Snapchat users.

This week, in partnership with Snapchat, Budweiser will unveil multiple AR (augmented reality) lenses, filters and vertical video ads, including the world`s first sound activated AR lens. Part of Budweiser`s marketing strategy for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this new technology launched on June 18th to coincide with England`s first match against Tunisia.

The unique AR tech is for Snapchat users aged 18 and up.

The sound activated AR lens is designed to respond in real-time to the celebration and euphoria of football fans during the World Cup game. The lens has a unique trigger that allows all Snapchatters (18+) to light up their screens.

Budweiser is an official World Cup sponsor and its Snapchat social media marketing promotion is part of its larger “Light Up The World Cup” marketing campaign. The company says it’s confident that it won’t serve its content to anyone under the age of 18.

Like other social medial platforms, on Snapchat, age is self-reported. However, the company also uses other signals to confirm the accuracy of information supplied by users, such as behavioral and interest-based data.

Budweiser’s senior brand manager, Sascha Cordes said that Budweiser was continually revaluating its own guidelines regarding digital ads to make certain that its promotions were never served to minors, The Drum reported.

Cordes also said that he was confident in Snapchat’s reassurance that the World Cup partner’s ads would not be seen by the wrong users.

Snapchatters will get to use the sound activated AR Lens during other England games.

The lens will also be active during England’s second match against Panama on June 24th. The Snap ads will prompt users to swipe up to access the lens during the game.

What’s more, Budweiser is planning another augmented reality lens – a Snappable lens – which lets friends appear in the same lens in real-time. This allows fans to virtually join the team line up prior to each match. This lens will go live on June 28th for England’s final group match against Belgium.

Snappables can be controlled using facial expression, motion and touch. They are a new form of augmented reality lens, enabling Snapchatters to play AR games with friends and share experiences.

Sound Activated AR Lens - Budweiser World Cup 2010 Game“Budweiser and football have enjoyed a natural affinity over many years and we can’t wait to see people sharing their celebrations and enjoyment of the FIFA World Cup through new technologies and features,” said Cordes as quoted by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

He added that the purpose of the new technologies and features is about bringing people together and capturing the excitement of fans in a new way through more immersive experiences like Snapchat’s Snappables and sound activated AR lens.

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