Sony takes aim at Google with its own augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses Example

Augmented Reality Glasses ExampleSony sets sights on augmented reality

Google has attracted a great deal of attention to its augmented reality Project Glass over the past year. The company has taken several opportunities to show off the capabilities of Glass and prove that it is a unique way to change the way people see the world. Throughout 2012, Glass became significantly less unique as other technology companies began introducing their own versions of augmented reality eyewear. Sony is one of the latest companies to enter the fray.

Sony applies for patents concerning augmented reality glasses

The acclaimed Japanese technology company recently applied for new patents concerning its own pair of augmented reality glasses. The company is currently designing a wearable system that incorporates glasses with earbuds installed into the frame. The design is meant to create an immersive experience for wearer’s, offering them audio and visual stimuli that other products do not. Augmented reality is expected to be the centerpiece of Sony’s glasses, providing consumers with interactive experiences that are somewhat more engaging than what may be offered by its competitors.

Glasses may have gaming applications

The actual capabilities of Sony’s augmented reality glasses have not yet been revealed. Given Sony’s involvement in the game industry, however, it may be a safe bet that the glasses could have some application in gaming. Sony recently revealed the Playstation 4, which attracted a great deal of praise for its social features that are designed to connect gamers throughout the world. Many of the elements of the next generation console are designed with mobile in mind and Sony made a note to show off the fact that the Playstation 4 would be able to interact with mobile devices during its reveal.

Glasses to be equipped with wireless networking chip

Sony’s glasses are meant to be equipped with a wireless networking chip that will allow the glasses to connect to the Internet and interface with other technologies. This adds some credence to speculation that the glasses may have a gaming application as networking chips are common in peripherals that are used for gaming consoles and other platforms.

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