Sony opens up about the augmented reality technology behind the Playstation Vita

Augmented Reality Video4

Augmented reality’s incorporation into the world of gaming is currently being championed by Japanese developer Sony and their new handheld device the Playstation Vita. In the months and weeks before the handheld console was released, Sony had touted the device as one of the most advanced gaming platforms ever made. This was mostly because of its use of augmented reality. The company kept the specific details of the technology used in the Vita under wraps, even in the days before its release. Now, however, Sony is finally willing to show how the Vita’s augmented reality works.

The developer has released a new video, first documented by The Verge, which shows how its augmented reality technology works. Vita was marketed as a “markerless” AR system. In the early days of the technology, augmented reality relied heavily on markers, such as QR codes, to initiate experiences. Sony is focusing on an approach to augmented reality they are calling “Magnet.” Magnet is, essentially, pattern recognition software installed in the Vita. This software allows the system to produce augmented reality displays on the real world environment with great accuracy.

Sony continues to experiment with the technology even after the Vita experienced a successful launch. The company believes that augmented reality could have a multitude of uses in the world of gaming and entertainment and is keen to establish itself as the undisputed leader in the field.

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