Some experts think rules for mobile privacy should wait

Mobile Privacy News

Mobile Privacy News
Congress recently examined the results of the TRUSTe mobile privacy survey in order to consider the kinds of privacy protection rules that should be implemented in the mobile marketplace, but some experts believe that there shouldn’t be a rush to create these regulations.

The survey was quoted by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the Senate Judiciary chairman, when he opened the Judiciary mobile privacy hearing. It was further used as Senate Commerce Subcommittee testimony with regards to “Protection and Privacy in the Mobile Marketplace”.

Among the more notable points that were covered were the following:

• Privacy is at its most important in history. This is the most activity that the topic has seen in hearings, legislation, bills, enforcement actions by the FTC, and other official regulatory actions.


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• While it is important for mobile marketing and apps to respect privacy, it may be too early for regulation to begin. This is because mobile technology and the m-commerce economy is exceptionally new in its development, and it could be harmful to its progress if regulation is too controlling. Furthermore, as many app developers are not located within the United States, any regulation that was set into place is, at best, an incomplete solution.

• It isn’t easy to offer a “do not track” feature that fits every technology and circumstance in the mobile technology world, which means that the use of self-regulation and the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising from the DAA are becoming increasingly important.

• There are concerns about the privacy and personal safety of children and teens who have smartphones and who use social networking sites. Sites directed specifically at youth face an especially challenging environment.

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