Social media marketing through Twitter gets a boost from Google

social media marketing Twitter Sign In Screen

Marketers can now take advantage of the fact that tweets will be included in the search engine’s results.

A recent announcement by Google and Twitter has caused marketers and brands, alike, to take a second look at their social media marketing strategies, as their tweets are now being incorporated into search engine results.

Tweets are going to begin showing up in the results that are displayed for queries made in the Google app.

Tweets will also work their way into mobile web search results and will soon appear in those for desktop and laptop based searches. What has yet to be known is whether or not it will help to improve the page ranks of twitter pages or how marketers will alter their social media marketing strategies in order to attempt to take better advantage of this search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity. However, what is known is that it is exceptionally likely that Twitter will start being seen as a lead generation that holds a higher amount of power.

Businesses using social media marketing could start to see Twitter as an important tool to drive leads from search engine results.

social media marketing Twitter Sign In ScreenAs Google starts to incorporate tweets into its search engine query results, online and mobile marketers are likely to start using the social network as a new way to help to drive traffic to sites and landing pages. Publishers and merchants, alike, will be having a look at what Twitter could now have to offer for them. By clicking on the results that Google users have found, they will be connected to Twitter, where they will be able to delve more deeply into their current topic or other related subjects.

From the perspective of searchers, they will be able to conduct queries in their Google search engine query box that include the subject and the word “Twitter” in order to see results based on the tweets that have been made on that subject. These results would be displayed instead of the standard ones that the search engine would typically generate.

For example, a query for “California Twitter” would produce results based on millions of tweets that have been posted on that topic, instead of the usual Google results. Clearly, there is a social media marketing opportunity to be had, and marketers and brands will be working hard to ensure that they are in on it.

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