Social media marketing on Pinterest has 1,703 times more power than Facebook

pinterest social media marketing

It’s up to marketers to discover precisely how to profit from this unused potential.

Social media marketing on Pinterest has been widely underutilized by businesses and marketers, despite the considerable potential it has to offer. It’s a powerful platform with many unique properties that help to keep each post’s value for a substantially longer time than many others, including Facebook, Instagram, and particularly Twitter.

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Think about it. A Facebook post’s half-life is only 90 minutes, according to Wisemetrics and Piqora data. Comparatively, a Pinterest post’s half-life is a massive 3.5 months. Taking a post’s value from minutes to months illustrates 1,703 times greater power from any social media marketing on Pinterest. This can help to boost the oomph of advertising or enhance a search engine optimization (SEO) effort that incorporates social media.

In fact, it isn’t unheard of for social media marketing on Pinterest to continue getting clicks and pins for years.

Consider the following statistics as you prepare to register for the free webinar:

• Pinterest users spend an average of 70% more than users on other social networks.Social Media Marketing on Pinterest
• The average order value of a sale made via Pinterest is $50.
• 87% of Pinterest users have purchased something online after browsing pins.
• 93% of people on Pinterest use it to plan their purchases.
• Only 20% of Pinterest users ever create content, the other 80% simply pin and share the content.

That last point underscores one of the prime misconceptions about the power of social media marketing on Pinterest: 4 out of every 5 users on that platform are there to see and share what others are posting, not to create their own posts. Therefore, measuring the potential of this platform based on people actively posting their unique content is a misstep.

The fact that the vast majority of the platform’s users are there to find out what others are posting makes it a massive opportunity for social media marketing on Pinterest. Business owners and marketers who are ready to work smarter, not harder, and who want to find out just why and how to leap into this opportunity are encouraged to register for this free webinar today. For More Information Click Here

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