Social media marketing helps connect with young consumers

Helloflo social media marketing campaign

HelloFlo tampon ads get real for the younger generation that doesn’t relate to traditional promotions.

A social media marketing campaign for a company called HelloFlo has just released the details of its feminine hygiene product ad strategy that has been designed to allow younger consumers to be able to relate to ads for tampons in a way that traditional advertising is not achieving.

According to the founder of the company, the entire concept started with an effort to produce a more endearing story.

Naama Bloom is the founder of HelloFlo and she explained that at the inception of the social media marketing campaign “We just thought we were telling this endearing story women could relate to.” Until now, the types of advertising that have been released for feminine hygiene products has been un-relatable.

The HelloFlo social media marketing strategy was created to try to overcome that type of invitation to mockery.

The ads, according to HelloFlo reached the point that they were laughable and did not connect with the product that they were trying to sell, ranging from girls dancing on the beach to the absorbency of blue liquid.

More recently, the trend in advertising these products has shifted to one that is more honest than the previous wave. HelloFlo has embraced that style by basing their social media marketing campaign for their monthly tampon delivery service on the story of a tween who got her period for the first time before any of the other girls at her summer camp. Bloom referred to it as the “red badge of courage”.

In the ad, which has gone viral over social media marketing channels, such as YouTube, the girl begins what she calls “Camp Gyno” and educates the other girls about what she is experiencing, while she hands out the sanitary products that are required to get through it. However, the girl’s position as center of attention doesn’t last very long as the parents of the other girls begin mailing the HelloFlo feminine care packages to their daughters at the camp. It had received almost 2.5 million views on YouTube within its first week and was temporarily shut down.

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