Social media marketing could be reaching the saturation point

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingA new Mindshare report has suggested that within the next two years, this channel may present challenges.

A new industry forecast has just been released by Mindshare, which has revealed that over the next two years, it is likely that advertisers and marketers will find that they are challenged by saturation in the area of social media marketing.

This is being predicted as a tremendous amount of consumer data is suddenly being produced in digital media.

The prediction stated that as mobile becomes one of the leading areas through which brands and companies engage with target customers, the social media marketing space will become increasingly swamped. The report from this leading media and marketing network said that the changes in consumer behavior and digital media technology are the primary cause of this trend.

Over the next two years, social media marketing will see a large and continued growth before reaching the saturation point.

The Mindshare Thailand managing director, Nuilufar Fowler, explained that the use of social media marketing, particularly in the most popular sites such as Facebook, will continue their growth over the upcoming two years. The current penetration of Facebook in that country is estimated to have reached 18 million among 25 million smartphone users. In fact, the largest city for Facebook in the world is currently Bangkok, where there are 13 million accounts.

Fowler said that “With this trend, social media are expected to reach saturation soon.” At the same time, brands are placing a greater focus on accumulating “fans”, with whom they can interact in order to encourage them to become customers through the use of the fanpage. It is important to note, however, that only 10 percent of users who “like” a page will actually return to it beyond the time that they click the “like” button.

The suggestion that Fowler has made to social media marketing companies is that they should concentrate on paid media on Facebook, or on creating exceptional fanpage content.

This year will represent the full launch of third generation mobile connectivity, which will be very important for spiking the use of the mobile channel throughout the region. This will become a critical time for social media marketing companies to get their strategies in order and begin reaching out to customers and connecting with them before the saturation point.

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