Social media marketing brings massive climate change awareness

UN video climate change social media marketing

A single, well made, 3 minute video shown to the U.N. has now gone viral among international viewers.

While the jury is still out about whether or not social media marketing is a highly effective way to reach consumers and spread a message, a three minute video that was shown to more than 120 world leaders at the United Nations is making a difference for climate change in a viral way online.

The story gets even better as it is revealed that the creator of the film has never done anything like this before.

The creator of this wildly popular three minute film, which has taken social media marketing by storm, is Cindy Horn. This is the first film that she has ever made and it has been generating a tremendous response by individuals who are watching its inspiring message about acting to reduce our negative impact on climate change. The video is concise, poignant, and creates a powerful message about the threat of climate change and the vital importance of acting, instead of just watching it happen around us.

The voice of Morgan Freeman was added to narrate this video, which certainly added to its social media marketing value.

That legendary actor has a voice that is powerful and yet highly relatable. Its sheer simplicity and the skill with which he uses it made it possible to deliver a very brief but important message with the strength and authority that it required to grab the attention of the viewer, hold it, and leave him or her with goosebumps and the desire to do something about climate change.

At the same time, the message within the video was a very positive one. While it is a topic that could be considered to be very frightening, it was designed specifically to give the viewer the feeling that they are not trapped and that they will not be a victim. Instead, it encouraged action in a way that is perfectly within reach of the majority of people around the world.

This was a successful social media marketing campaign through the fact that the viewer could relate to it, became emotionally connected to it, and was encouraged to do something on a number of levels. It started by sharing the video, commenting, and even simply adding a “like” click, but also encouraged people to contact their local and federal governments to make sure that they were being represented in a way that they feel is appropriate on this matter.

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