Social commerce growth takes off with help from the pandemic

Social Commerce growth - TikTok app on phone

Many platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have seen activity rising.

The coronavirus pandemic has given quite the shot in the arm to social commerce growth. A number of different platforms have experienced rising shopping activity as more consumers look to digital channels during lockdowns.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as people look for alternatives to in-store purchasing.

A number of large, well known online merchants – Amazon in particular – have managed to find themselves in an exceptional position for profit due to the temporary closure of brick and mortar shops in many locations around the world, let alone across the country. Businesses that have properly mobilized online are enjoying the social commerce growth on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, among others.

These channels make it possible to market and sell to target audiences. They had already been growing in popularity, even before the pandemic was declared. That said, now that consumers have substantially restricted opportunities to buy what they want, online options such as over social media platforms hold greater appeal.

Several brands have predicted or observed this trend and are riding the wave of social commerce growth.

Among those brands includes Levi’s, which has been particularly active in the Shop Now program on TikTok. This feature allows the platform’s users to view and purchase the items they see in videos. Levi’s has partnered with a number of TikTok influencers through its Haus Miami activation, giving it reach to the followers of Gabby Morrison, Everett Williams, Callen Schaub and Cosette Rinab. They’ve each used the Future Finish 3-D denim customization tech to create their own custom denim.

The platform’s users were able to watch the various Future Finish videos and then purchase the designs created by their favorite influencers through directly through the posts on TikTok. That campaign finished on April 19. Video watch time throughout that series averaged twice as long as the TikTok average.

As a further demonstration of the social commerce growth trend, saw double the views on Future Finish for every product featured in a TikTok campaign. “TikTok was the perfect platform for us to expand our efforts in social commerce. Over the last decade, we’ve been on a journey to not only grow Social Commerce growth - TikTok app on phoneour digital footprint, but also help our fans buy our products at the point of inspiration, when they see something they love,” said Levi’s managing director of US direct to consumer, Brady Stewart.

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