Social and mobile commerce begin to play a big role in the business world

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CloudSense study shows slow adoption amongst UK businesses

CloudSense, a leading cloud integration and consultancy firm, has released a new study concerning the adoption of social and mobile commerce solutions that are currently in place in the world of business. Mobile commerce has begun attracting a great deal of attention in numerous industries, partly due to its ability to expedite transactions and make shopping more convenient. Social commerce – commerce systems that are based in social networks like Facebook – has also begun gaining traction amongst consumers. Businesses, however, are proving somewhat resistant to the use of these two forms of commerce.

32% of businesses have yet to implement social or mobile commerce solutions

According to the study, 32% of businesses in the United Kingdom currently lack social or mobile commerce solutions. Another 13% do not have any plans to adopt solutions for these two commerce systems. CloudSense suggests that these businesses could be missing out on a great deal of revenue because of their lack of social or mobile commerce solutions. The firm notes that the longer these businesses resist the adoption of these commerce systems, the less likely they will be able to compete against those that do.


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Misconceptions regarding technology may lead to missed opportunities

The firm notes that many perceive the technologies used in social and mobile commerce to be immature. The study shows that many companies that are making use of these commerce systems are, in fact, benefitting from them by collecting on profits. These businesses have taken a multi-channel approach to the use of these systems, thus increasing the profits they can see through them.

Social and mobile commerce continue to grow in popularity with consumers

Social and mobile commerce are beginning to play a bigger role in the world of business. A significant number of consumers all over the world have already shown that they are more apt to make purchases online or through a social networking platform. As such, the demand for commerce systems that are capable of handling the demands of consumers continues to grow. If businesses cannot meet this demand, they may lose their share of the market.

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