Snipp Interactive announces release of QR code app free scanning preview of QR code in the cloud preview of QR code in the cloud

No application necessary for use of quick response codes.

Mobile marketing solutions provider, Snipp Interactive Inc., has just released its newest innovative technology, which is called QR in the Cloud, and which has been added to its Mobilize Me platform, which is already being used by brands, publishers, and advertising agencies.

This allows consumers to scan a quick response barcode, with or without a QR code app.

Users are able to take a picture of any of this type of barcode using their mobile phones (smartphones or not) and then they can submit it by messaging (MMS) in order to receive a text message in return with encoded content. This makes it much more familiar to the majority of mobile phone users, no matter what model they have.

The solution now provided by Snipp makes it possible for 98 percent of all American mobile phone users to scan the barcodes. Furthermore, when it’s used along with Snapp (the proprietary technology for image recognition), the new feature works not only for quick response codes, but can also be used for any other type of distinctive image, such as a logo, that can be used as a type of response code in mobile marketing campaigns.


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To try a QR code app free demo, any of the barcodes can be photographed and sent by MMS to 76477.

The Snipp CEO, Erik Hallstrom, said that “’QR in the Cloud’ further demonstrates how we are differentiating our offering by developing unique technology. Marketers now have a response solution that works for virtually all of the mobile users targeted for a particular campaign, irrespective of the phone type or software they have.”

Snipp Interactive, itself, is already well known for providing its mobile ad products and solutions to many different customers and clients, such as several Fortune 500 companies. It provides a full suite of mobile marketing options throughout North America. Its revenues are generated through the creation, design, building, implementation, and management of its mobile marketing services – such as a QR code app and app-less scanning – for all of its customers. Its headquarters are in Washington D.C.

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