Snapchat augmented reality camera available for users to access

augmented reality camera

The social media app has launched a new Lens Studio platform letting users create their own AR Lenses.

Snapchat has now made it possible for users to design their own augmented reality camera Lenses to share with other users.

The Lens Studio is a free desktop app released by Snap Inc. for users of Windows and Mac computers.

The augmented reality camera app is designed to be simple to use with a range of different tools. The Lens Studio is meant to make it fun and easy for users to come up with their own interactive AR Lenses to share. These make it possible for digital images to be displayed as an overlay on top of real world images and that can be viewed through a mobile device screen.

“With the launch of Lens Studio, we’re excited to make Lenses more accessible to creators, and experiences within Snapchat more personal and diverse,” said an announcement from the social media company.

The augmented reality camera Lenses app is meant to be accessible to everyone from amateurs to experts.

augmented reality cameraThe Lens Studio desktop app is mead to make it possible for amateurs to create fun 2D animations, while those with more experience such as professional animators and coders will be able to come up with 3D animations.

Once the Lens has been created, the user who developed it is issued a unique QR code that will make it possible to share the Lens with other Snapchat users.

That said, Snap has underscored that it has taken considerable precautions to ensure that the only Lenses that will be permitted for use and sharing will be appropriate within its regulations. It will be monitoring every Lens created to make sure they do not depict: weapons, violence, hatred, profanity, nudity, bullying, threats, stereotypes, hashtags or usernames.

Lens developers will hold the ownership over the augmented reality camera Lenses they create. However, Snapchat reserves the right to be able to use those Lenses. Though this is not the first time the social media app has allowed users to create content – Geofilers, for instance, offered location-specific video and picture filters – but this is the first time users can create augmented reality Lenses.

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