SMS mobile marketing made a large difference on Black Friday

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Though the data from the weekend as a whole wasn’t all that promising, smartphones and tablets were winners all around.

As the data from Black Friday continues to be announced, everything seems to be indicating that while shopping as a whole didn’t experience too much of an explosion, small screens have truly been coming into their own, particularly in the case of SMS mobile marketing and its impact on encouraging consumers to make a purchase.

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the holiday shopping season is off to a powerful start.

Retailers of all sizes have been reporting that when they used SMS mobile marketing to help to entice consumers to come to their own stores or to shop online, they experienced very favorable responses. The more the data comes in from the weekend starting on Thanksgiving and running through Cyber Monday, the clearer it becomes that these devices simply can’t be ignored when it comes to success in standing out at this most important shopping time of the year.

Recent reports have indicated that one of the biggest winners in SMS mobile marketing was Best Buy.

Best Buy SMS Mobile marketing CampaignThe retail electronics giant had been boosting its efforts for a month ahead of Black Friday in order to make certain that when the time came to begin holiday shopping, consumers would make their way into Best Buy stores and onto its website to take advantage of the discounts. A significant part of this strategy involved texting consumers who had opted into their program so that they would be alerted to relevant information, offers, and promotions throughout December. The goal was to give as much of an increase to foot traffic as possible.

The goal was to make sure that consumers would personally receive these texts so that they would not only be informed but also reminded of discount opportunities that they could obtain in the stores, encouraging them to head out to the Best Buy stores instead of the competition.

A major part of this effort was to encourage customers to sign up for the SMS mobile marketing database in the first place, as the retailer was sending its messages only to those who chose to receive them. They were also able to choose whether they would receive notifications only on Black Friday or throughout the entire holiday shopping season.

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