Smartwatches from Motorola – Moto 360 – receive massive software update

Moto 360 smartwatches

This wearable technology device based on Android Wear will automatically improve battery life.

The maker of the Moto 360 smartwatches, Motorola, has now released an important update for the devices that will give the user the benefits of automatically shutting off ambient mode in order to enjoy an improvement of 15 percent in its battery life.

The company has announced that a number of other improvements are included in this update for its wearables.

Among the changes to the smartwatches that will go into effect through the update will include the ability to synchronize the time of the device with that of the phone with which it is connected. This will occur automatically instead of having to be completed manually. The Moto 360 will also bring in a new gesture that will allow the full screen of the wristwatch to be viewed without having to first dismiss a notification.

This gesture is meant to make the use of the smartwatches much more convenient and appealing to the wearers.

Moto 360 smartwatchesIn order to take advantage of that new gesture, the wearer simply has touch the top of the notification and swipe downward. That gesture will offer the notification once more when another high priority notification has arrived. That way, the user will be able to continue to use the wearable technology as an elegant looking wristwatch at the same time that he or she uses it as a smart device in order to receive notifications from his or her smartphone.

The update for the Moto 360 will allow the brightness of the screen to adjust based on the lighting condition in order to provide the user with an ambient viewing experience. Moreover, it will connect with Bluetooth headsets using a few enhancements that have gone on “under the hood”.

The complete update for the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches will be rolled out in a number of different phases. The wearable device will notify the wearer when it is ready for each new update. In order to complete the installation, all a wearer needs to do is connect it to the internet and ensure that it is charged to at least 80 percent of its battery. This will help to ensure that it has everything that it needs to successfully complete each of the installations.

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