Smartwatch called Halo provides digital and analog experience

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This wearable technology stands out because it functions as a traditional watch as well as a mobile device.

A new smartwatch that is being shown off by a company from Germany called Longshine, is taking a slightly unique direction in the wearable technology world, by clinging to the traditional analog experience, just a little bit.

The wearable technology device, itself, appears to be a traditional round faced watch, only slightly bulkier.

The Halo smartwatch could pass for a chunky kind of sports watch. It has a rugged looking design and has the same kind of appearance as a regular analog watch with moving hands. That said, when a button is pressed, its digital display lights up. This becomes possible because the analog watch is set behind a transparent OLED screen. Therefore, when the button is pushed, the screen is activated and it reveals its digital wearable technology side.

The Halo smartwatch has similar features to other devices within this category of werables.

smartwatch wearable technology mobile securityIt shows calls, it displays icons on the screen, it alerts when messages have been received, such as texts and emails, provided that it is connected with an Android smartphone. This wearable technology device, itself, operates on Android, with a customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system (as opposed to the new Android Wear that is meant specifically for this type of device). It is powered by an Intel XMM 2231 chip.

The hope of many who have been watching the Halo device is that the software will be upgradeable in order to bring Android Wear into it. It also features 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, a resolution of 96×96, and 256K colors. These features aren’t really anything new when compared to other gadgets within the industry, making its dual analog and digital functions the main element that differentiates it from the rest of the competition.

There is still time for the design of the Halo smartwatch to improve, somewhat, particularly in terms of slimming down, as the final product has not yet been developed and produced. As of yet, a date has not been officially released with regards to when the device will leave the prototyping phase and hit the market shelves.

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