Smartphones can make you a “morning person” with QR codes to shut off your alarm

qr code apps

qr code apps

QR codes are now a part of the morning routine

Many people find it extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning, but a new Android app will help them using QR codes that must be scanned in order to shut off the noise of the alarm clock.

These days, it is rare to hear about people who are happy to spring out of bed in the morning. Instead, it’s more common to hear that they are such sound sleepers or get such a broken rest that even their alarm clocks aren’t enough to get them going. Often the alarm on the smartphone will go off, only to be shut off by a semi-conscious owner who goes right back to sleep again.

Many techniques have been attempted to overcome this problem, such as setting the smartphone outside of reach forcing the user to actually rise in order to shut it off. However, these techniques work only inconsistently – if at all.

The new Morning’s Routine alarm app, developed by Agens for Android smartphones, is a unique way to wake up which requires that the users scan QR codes in order to shut off the sound. The only way that the alarm will be silenced is if a specific barcode is scanned through the app using the camera built into the device.

The app can also be integrated with the user’s preferred social media or radio station.

This additional feature is designed to help the smartphone owner to start the day off right. As soon as the QR codes are scanned, he or she can check their Facebook account or visit a news site they enjoy – whatever it is that can compel them to get out of bed and to make it easier to get the day started.

The users can scan whatever QR codes they want. It could be the one found on a shampoo bottle, on the toothpaste tube, or the coffee can. Whatever will encourage them to get up and out of bed and get their minds functioning and ready for the day.


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