Nokia smartphone model shipments rise in India

Smartphone model - Nokia - India Flag

The company’s sales data shows that in Q3 2023, its phone shipments experienced healthy growth in that market.

Nokia managed to achieve smartphone model shipment growth in one of the largest markets in the world during the third quarter of this year, based on shipment data released by counterpoint.

This doesn’t mean that the units were actually sold to customers but does indicate a brand’s performance.

The smartphone model shipments of a brand don’t specifically point to the number of units consumers purchased within a span of time. However, it usually offers a solid indicator of how a brand is performing within a given market. This means that while shipments don’t necessarily mean that more people have purchased individual units of Nokia phones in India, the brand’s overall performance in that market appears to be strong.

Smartphone model - India Flag and country on globe

This is important as the Indian market is considered to be large and vital to manufacturers. India not only has a massive population but also continues to have substantial room for growth when compared to other markets, many of which have been experiencing some decline.

Nokia has taken care to focus on markets with strong potential for its smartphone model shipments.

In the Indian market, Samsung has continued to hold its market leadership position for the fourth straight quarter. Its share of the total market there is 17.2 percent. In second place is Xiaomi with a 16.6 percent share. Vivo has followed closely behind in third place with a 15.9 percent share.

During the third quarter, Apple managed to achieve an important milestone with its own shipments, having broken the 2.5 million units mark.

In the affordable premium category, OnePlus managed to snap up the leading position with 29 percent of that market segment’s share. Of the top five companies, Vivo was named the brand with the fastest growth, having achieved 11 percent year-over-year growth.

Beyond India, Nokia has also done well with its smartphone model shipments to the United States. While it isn’t one of the top five brands in India, it did manage to experience the largest year-over-year increase in shipments during the third quarter when compared to other brands in the same category. The device maker recently launched its G42 and C32 phones in India, each of which are affordable and have been rated extremely well.

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