Smartglasses by Quantum to improve augmented reality navigation

Epson Augmented Reality Glasses

The idea is to make it possible for users of the wearable technology to find greater ease with AR.

User interface and experience company, Quantum Interface, has now unveiled its augmented reality technology that has been created with smartglasses in mind, so that it will be simpler for wearers to navigate.

The new interface has been developed to make it easier for users to perform smartglasses while displaying AR.

Quantum Interface (also known as Qi, for short) is based in Austin, Texas and has created the interface to allow users to explore augmented reality and make option selections through the use of a handheld touchpad that is connected to the wearable technology. The tech makes it possible for the interface to predict a user’s intent through an analysis of “the speed and direction of any input,” according to Qi in a statement that it made about the unveiling.

The overall augmented reality technology will extend to other types of wearable tech such as smartwatches.

Epson Augmented Reality GlassesIn this particular case, it is meant to complement the touchpad and smartglasses combination so that the predictive tech can be helpful through the motions of the user who is viewing AR. In order to develop this technology, Qi worked with Epson, a smartglasses manufacturer. That said, Qi pointed out in its unveiling that its user interface will also work with other types of smartglasses.

It was the Epson device that was chosen to help to demonstrate the difference that the interface can make for AR users. Navigation becomes easier, says Jonathan Josephson, Qi founder and CTO, because it uses radial menus instead of the traditional linear form of menu. In this way, Josephson says that navigation becomes effortless.

The first demonstration of the Quantum Interface UI was on Monday Augmented World Expo, where it worked with Epson to be able to show the industry the difference that its augmented reality technology could make in the ease and overall convenience of the experience. The company also provides interfaces for other types of device such as ChromeBooks. These are a part of the company’s broad range of overall Enterprise offerings.

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