Smart tech department opens up at Dixons

Dixons smart tech mobile technology

The large electronics chain is now piloting a new category in its store meant for connectivity products.

Dixons, the massive electronics and mobile devices superstore is now piloting a new department that is meant to draw more attention to smart tech and other various types of products that are linked to smartphones and tablets.

The mobile devices in the department range from wearables to camera drones and everything in between.

The new smart tech department is focused on various types of mobile devices that work in conjunction with smartphones and tablets. There is such a vast selection of different kinds of gadgets of this nature that the store felt that it was time to pilot a department that would shine the spotlight onto them. While many accessories have already been growing in popularity for a number of years, devices such as cameras, drones, and wearable technology are now starting to make a considerable splash on their own, with a tremendous amount of competition entering into this space. This is particularly true of fitness and health trackers.

The choice to open the smart tech departments at Dixons is a part of a broader goal to inform consumers about mobile devices.

Dixons smart tech mobile technologyThis effort was spearheaded by the head of innovation at Dixons, Dave Ward. He explained that the purpose of the new smart technology department is to show consumers how many possibilities are actually out there in terms of mobile devices of every form.


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There are four major categories within this new department: smart health and fitness, smartwatches, smart gadgets, and smart home. Health and fitness includes everything from activity trackers to blood pressure and heart rate monitors, gadgets includes camera drones that can be used for practical or entertainment purposes, or a device to help to measure and improve a golf swing. Smartwatches are wearables that connect to a cell phone for greater practicality and convenience of alerts, apps, and other features, and smart home includes, lighting, music streaming, thermostats, and other features that can be operated by a smartphone or tablet.

This new smart tech department is a growing trend in retail, particularly in stores that are dedicated to electronics or that feature these devices as main products among a broader range. Amazon made a similar move earlier this year.

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