Smart QrCode Generator aims to make codes easier to use

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QR Code ScannerSmart QrCode Generator allows users to make their own QR codes

QR codes are widely popular among businesses but receive generally modest attention from consumers. As QR codes become more widely used by companies large and small, consumers are becoming more interested in using the codes themselves as a way to share information with others and have taken to the idea of generating their own codes. There are a wide variety of QR code generators available online, but the capabilities of these generators can often be limited. Smart QrCode Generator, a new extension for the Google Chrome browser, aims to provide users with much more flexibility when they make their own QR codes.

Code generator able to generate QR codes for specific elements

The Smart QrCode Generator is a lightweight extension for Chrome that allows users to generate a QR code of their own. This code can be printed or kept digital and shared via email and other forms of online communication. Typically, online QR code generators only allow users to make a QR code for the website they are visiting, and not specific parts of that websites. The Smart QrCode Generator is capable of generating a QR code for specific elements of a website, giving users much more flexibility in the codes they make.


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Generator can handle active buttons well

The Smart QrCode Generator codes that are made can be used to open certain elements of a website rather than the entire website itself, making load times very short. Unlike other QR code generators, the Smart QrCode Generator can make codes associated with specific action buttons, such as install buttons for specific applications. Thus, when a code is scanned, a user will be able to install an application quickly and easily.

QR codes still struggling to gain ground with consumers

QR codes are very popular in the marketing space and have been gaining traction as a mobile commerce device. The codes have been somewhat successful in marketing, but consumers have been largely uninterested in the codes, mostly because they are still unfamiliar with them. The Smart QrCode Generator may be able to help promote more QR code use among consumers.

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