Smart license app for divers to be launched in Thailand

Smart license app - Cars in Thailand

The new app will mean drivers will no longer need to carry a hardcopy of their license.

The smart license app to be launched by the Department of Land Transport (DLT), will provide drivers in Thailand with the convenience of no longer having to carry a physical copy of their driver’s license. The digital version of the ID will be available to holders of personal, public and special driving licenses.

The app will also feature a QR Code for police convenience.

The smart license app is free and drivers who want to install the DLT License mobile app can do so by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

Once the user is registered, the app will be linked to the departments’ database and will display the user’s license, including an image of both the back and front of the license on their smartphone. The app is also equipped with a QR code that provides more information about the driver when scanned.

For instance, if the driver is ever stopped by police, they can show their electronic driver’s license and the police can scan the QR code in the app to obtain more information about the driver.

The smart license app can also provide other information in case of emergencies.

Beyond providing police with the driver’s license information, it can also provide other details that may be important in emergency situations. This may include details such as blood type, allergy information and medical care requirements.

Moreover, the app can also notify users when their driver’s license is about to expire and show other details, such as information about traffic tickets, etc.

In a similar way that ATM cash withdrawals have been replaced by electronic transfers, this new app for licenses is another example of life becoming more digital, according to DLT director-general Peerapol Tavornsuppachaoren, reported Chiang Rai Times.

Thailand drivers once used paper licenses, but these were replaced by hard copy driving licenses that featured QR codes back in September 2017. Anyone with a hard copy license (personal, public or special driving licenses) can obtain one of the new electronic license with the QR code. Anyone who still has a paper license can apply to change Smart license app - Cars in Thailandthis license to the electronic ones by visiting the DLT offices.

The smart license app is expected to be rolled out by the DLT in mid-January 2019.

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