Fitbit introduces new Sleep Animals feature to wearer profiles

Sleep Animals - People Sleeping wearing trackers

The fitness tracker wearers will be assigned a designation based on their typical sleeping patterns.

Fitbit has announced that it is adding a new feature to its user profiles, which will include Sleep Animals that will be assigned to users based on their typical sleep cycles.

The designation is meant to help people to better understand the type of sleeper they are.

The Google-owned fitness tracking company is rolling out an overall profile for sleepers that is aimed at making it easier for people to understand their overnight rest data using a longitudinal analysis of their patterns and trends. It also assigns a fun Sleep Animals character to better understand overall rest habits so that it will be easier to know what types of things an individual can do to improve the quality of the rest they’re receiving.

Sleep Animals - Person Looking at Sleep Tracker

There are 10 different metrics taken into account for this new component of a user’s profile. These include data points such as consistency with bedtime, the amount of time it takes before a person achieves quality sleep, and whether sleep is disrupted. Information from the company says that the goal is to let users take a deeper look into their own sleeping habits so they can use personalized guidance to improve sleeping quality based on their specific body type and habits. This way, they will be able to know what to do with their data to improve their rest and overall wellness.

The Sleep Animals were the result of studies analyzing 1,000 different sleeping features.

Those different features were whittled down to the core metrics included in the user profiles. These include previously tracked metrics such as the sleep phases – deep, light and REM – as well as duration and restfulness. That said, it will also include a number of new metrics such as bedtime variability, disrupted sleep, and the amount of time it takes to achieve a sound sleep.

Using data points, an analysis is conducted, and Sleep Animals are assigned. These include giraffes, bears, dolphins, hedgehogs, parrots and tortoises. The Fitbit device must be worn at least 14 nights per calendar month in order to achieve an assessment resulting in an animal assignment.

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