Skyrocket takes on Intel mobile marketing campaign

wearables Intel California Headquarters

Intel California Headquarters
Intel, the chipmaker that is known for its efforts to remain at the head of the latest successful trends, has hired Skyrocket to take on its mobile media marketing campaign.

This investment made by Intel is closely following a purchase of a significant stake in a shoe store in Russia, and dives the company deeply into the mobile marketing world.

Skyrocket has already successfully run campaigns for several large international brands, such as Sony, Nokia, Symantec, and now Intel.

The agreement with Skyrocket was made by the investment branch of Intel, called Intel Capital, which is seeking to diversify the income generated for the chipmaker by putting some of its sizable cash reserves to use.


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Managing director Mark Yi of Intel Capital stated that in the current marketplace, where connectivity is omnipresent, and where customers are seeking to access multiple platforms worth of content in any place at any time, “we see a need for creative development that is currently unmet.” Yi has explained that they believe that Skyrocket will fill this need.

Among the successful apps that have been previously produced by Skyrocket for other clients include the 16 million times-downloaded Virtual Zippo Lighter, which is completely useless and yet highly popular. This was designed for Apple mobile device users and could make the gadget look like one of the Zippo brand lighters – though it obviously was unable to light a real flame.

Intel is working hard to take advantage of the fashion and popularity of this type of marketing so that it can make a sizable place for itself in the mobile marketplace.

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