Skilled mobile marketers demand is far greater than the current supply

Mobile Marketing Jobs

Mobile Marketing Jobs
As the number of companies working to leverage high device adoption among their customers continues to rise, the demand for mobile marketing experts grows along with it; far beyond the number of professionals who currently have the training and awareness in this marketplace.

The industry is growing so quickly that the number of trained professionals is far too small to meet consumer demand.

Managing director Melissa Norman, from the Kelly Services recruitment agency in Malaysia and Singapore, stated that the innovative new marketing platform of the mobile marketplace is rapidly gaining momentum as a result of mobile technology enhancements and the wide range of mobile device options already available to consumers.

According to Norman, as companies scramble to lead their market – or at least their niches – especially among fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), they are seeking to “touch base and market” their offerings to the largest number of potential customers possible, no matter where they are located.

This situation is driving the demand for trained and knowledgeable mobile marketing experts, but Norman explained that this talent has not yet had the time to grow to the level required to meet this demand.

The non-profit industry body, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)’s Asia-Pacific managing director, Rohit Dadwal, agreed with Norman’s assessments, saying that companies around the world are struggling to locate the mobile marketing professionals they need to meet their m-commerce goals.

Dadwal explained that the reason for this is that it is a brand new field in a niche market that has not yet been fully adopted. That said, the situation is rapidly changing with the growth of the industry, and with the spike in recognition will also come a sudden enlargement in the amount of available talent.

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