Skanz targets kids for latest QR code initiative

Skanz QR Code Bracelets

Skanz QR Code Bracelets
QR codes designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 12 have begun to appear in the marketing scene. SkanzJr, a social networking platform oriented around QR codes, has launched a new line of silicone bracelets that feature their own QR codes. The company is looking to take advantage of the current QR craze in the U.S. and hopes that kids will respond well to the mobile technology. Skanz has extensive experience in the field of branded bracelets, as the company has used these products to promote concerts in the past.

Skanz is offering eight different bracelets, each with their own QR code. The codes contain an alphanumeric code which can be used at to unlock digital content. Kids will also be able to set up their own profile on the website that will be optimized for mobile viewing. These websites, known as Skanzites, are fully customizable, allowing kids to change their websites appearance to suit their interests.

QR codes are becoming rabidly famous thanks, in part, to the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices. Most QR code initiatives are geared toward adults and Skanz believes that a key demographic is being left out. The company is looking to engage kids, many of whom are steeped in technology of all kinds. In this way, the company hopes to solidify the future of QR codes as these kids will one day grow up to replace the current generation of mobile consumers.

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