Sitomic makes upgrades to its mobile marketing platform

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Platform updated with increased social networking capabilities

Sitomic, a mobile marketing company specializing in the use of QR codes, has announced that it has made upgrades to its coupon service. The coupon service has become quite popular as more consumers show a penchant for mobile shopping and using QR codes. Mobile coupons are typically obtained through scanning QR codes and these coupons can be used to garner discounts from retailers. Sitomic has upgraded its platform to allow for more intuitive use of social networking platforms.

Mobile coupons to be shared via Facebook

Sitomic believes that by allowing consumers to share their mobile coupons with friends on networking sites like Facebook, retailers can make scanning QR codes more alluring. Merchants using the Sitomic platform will be able to design the incentives they offer through mobile coupons. They will also be able to attach additional incentives to sharing the coupons on social media sites, if they so choose. The company notes that improved social networking capabilities will have a benefit on direct marketing and print campaigns that make use of QR codes.


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Social networking is an important part of mobile marketing

Social networking is a significant aspect of mobile marketing. Many consumers around the world are tethered to sites like Facebook and Twitter and rely on these sites to keep in touch with friends and family. As such, these consumers typically spend a large amount of time on the sites throughout their days. This constant connection provides marketers with a unique opportunity to reach out to consumers. This is often accomplished through the use of QR codes, though consumers tend to be somewhat leery of the blocky barcodes. QR codes that offer incentives for scanning, such as the acquisition of mobile coupons, tend to fare better than those that do not offer such rewards.

Sitomic provides data to help companies improve their QR code campaigns

The Sitomic platform also offers tracking analytics so that companies can keep track of the performance of their QR code campaigns. This feature will be able to monitor the performance of QR codes and mobile coupons shared on social networking sites. Companies will be able to use the Sitomic platform to make changes to their QR code campaigns in order to make them more appealing to certain demographics if need be.

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