Silversea has added QR codes to its latest print marketing

QR codes Cruise Lines

The cruise line has now added quick response codes to its brochures to broaden its advertising experience.

Silversea Cruises has now announced that, for the very first time, it has now added QR codes to the brochures that it has started to release for its upcoming season of marketing.

These barcodes will make it possible for smartphone users to rapidly learn more about the offerings.

The QR codes can now be found on the brochures that Silversea has printed for its 2015 to 2016 season. The idea is to make it possible for people who have viewed the brochure to be able to learn more and take action on some of the offers that they have seen, through a simple barcode scan and the use of their smartphones or tablets. The quick response codes can be scanned using any free reader app, regardless of the device platform.

QR codes are rapidly becoming commonplace in print marketing to link it to the digital world.

QR codes Cruise LinesSilversea has explained that its printed catalog is currently 192 pages in length. Moreover, there is a separate brochure that is 157 pages long that is meant specifically for its cruises and its expedition ships. Each of those are now also available in digital form.

It will become much easier for mobile device users to be able to access those marketing materials through the scanning of quick response codes, as this eliminates the need to use small touchscreen keyboards, which many people find to be challenging to use for anything beyond the most basic typing. When they can scan a barcode instead of having to type a long and complex URL, it can make the transition from print to digital a much smoother and simpler experience.

Over the last few years, the travel industry has been discovering a range of new uses for QR codes to help consumers to be able to discover their products and services, take advantage of their promotions, and enjoy reduced wait times when they arrive at their various destinations and accommodations. Silversea has now joined the many brands that are grabbing hold of this rapid and simple method of linking print advertising to their digital experiences.

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