Should political campaign signage include QR codes?

QR Code Signs

QR Code Signs
As the penetration of smartphones in the United States approaches 50 percent, the debate as to whether or not QR codes should be included on campaign signs continues to progress.

Among the largest errors that can be made in the design of a campaign sign displayed on a lawn is to include too much content. This is because the average individual passing the sign will only spend a couple of seconds glancing at it.

This makes QR codes an opportunity to offer additional information about the campaign, without taking up too much space on the sign or requiring passersby to spend much additional time to obtain it. Many campaign strategists are suggesting that these barcodes should become a requirement on signs, just as is the case for the candidate’s name and the office for which he or she is running.

Unfortunately, many also believe that QR codes may also simply add to clutter on the signage and will make the sign less effective without adding anything practical to the campaign. Others argue that the code can easily be worked into the design of the sign along with the other required information without having one element take away from another.

Overall, however, an increasing number of political campaigns are including the 2d barcodes as a part of their mobile marketing strategy. The reason is that the use of these codes by both marketers and consumers is rapidly increasing, as is the number of people who have the smartphones and other mobile devices necessary for using them.

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