Shopify is first to use commerce side of Facebook’s social media marketing

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy button

The company has now become the initial user of the conversational shopping feature with Messenger integration.

Shopify Inc. has now decided to lead the way when it comes to the upgraded commerce opportunity offered by Facebook’s social media marketing over its multi-channel cloud-based platform that has been created for small and medium sized businesses.

It has now integrated with the new Facebook Messenger Platform for offering live customer support.

It will also enhance social media marketing through push notifications and offer automatic order confirmations, shipping updates and a great deal more, all inside the Facebook messenger mobile app. The goal is to provide merchants within the United States with a tool that will allow them to establish stronger direct relationships with their current and potential customers.

Now, Shopify has become the first company to take advantage of this expansion over social media marketing into commerce.

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy buttonAccording to Shopify’s senior product manager, Brandon Chu, “Messaging apps are enabling us to rekindle the conversations we are used to having in person with retail businesses, and recapture some of the lost intimacy that comes with shopping online.” Chu also added that the choice to integrate Shopify with Facebook Messenger and to create commerce bots was made in order to assist merchants in forming customer relationships that are more personal and that have greater depth. In this way, the personality of the brand can be better demonstrated.

Furthermore, Shopify will be developing commerce bots for use within Facebook Messenger. This will make it possible for merchants to establish engaging and interactive interactions with their customers. The Messenger Platform bots were first announced at the 2016 F8.

Over the last couple of years, Shopify has been watching social media marketing growth over messaging apps, to the point that it has started to outpace the popularity over the social networks themselves in terms of the amount of time consumers are spending. As the developer environment is broadening, mobile messaging apps are now stepping well beyond basic message sending and is now giving customers a method of communicating directly with brands and businesses. In this way, Shipify wants to provide merchants an advantage in kick starting their efforts over this channel in order to grow their businesses.

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