SheSpeaks survey shows product satisfaction is most important for marketing to moms

Social Media Marketing to Moms

Social Media Marketing to Moms
The results of a survey performed by SheSpeaks have been released in a white paper by that company and Mom-entum that shows that the most important element in marketing to moms is a high quality effective product.

Moms are a primary target market for thousands of companies across the country and around the world. In the United States alone, brands focus billions of marketing dollars directly at mom customers. From coupons to commercials and from product samples to full social media campaigns, moms always have the attention of companies selling products and services.

The SheSpeaks survey included 800 mom participants. Among them, 31 percent – the vast majority – stated that they have clicked “like” on a brand’s Facebook page because it offers a product or a line of products that they enjoy in real life. Furthermore, 23 percent said that they clicked the brand’s “like” button after having already done so for the company’s page.


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In both cases, the reason that they took part in the social media marketing was because they already liked the product, not because they wanted to become interested in it.

That said, moms don’t seem to mind having marketing focused upon them. Among the participants of the survey, 68 percent stated that they were alright with the efforts of companies to try to reach them as long as they felt that the communication was relevant to them. Among the forms of communication they preferred, the majority (27 percent) preferred email, while another 19 percent liked Facebook contact the most, and 15 percent favored using the brand website.

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