Shelter pets benefit from QR codes through the Purina ONE initiative

Purina QR Code Campaign

Purina QR Code Campaign
Purina ONE has announced the start of two new initiatives to help benefit pets living in shelters, including one involving the use of QR code stickers which can be found on the front of packages of its dry cat food.

Every time one of the barcodes is scanned, Purina ONE will give a donation of $1- up to a maximum of $30,000 – to feed pets living in shelters.

Furthermore, the “Bowl-by-Bowl” program is starting at the Facebook page for Purina ONE, allowing its visitors to take simple quizzes that are four questions long in order to help beat the negative perceptions that many people have about pets in shelters, in the hopes that it will spawn a growth in adoptions.

Every time one of the quizzes is completed, Purina ONE will donate a bowl of food to a pet living in one of these organizations.

Brand manager, Lisa Luedde, from Purina ONE pet food said that the company is dedicated to assisting dogs and cats living in shelters, and that they feel that proper nutrition for these animals can make a significant difference in their lives. Therefore, they’ve attempted to make it simpler for caring individuals to make a difference. She explained that “Scanning a QR code and taking a short quiz is all it takes to help us champion shelter pets.”

The sticker with the QR code is on the 3.5 and 7 pound bags of the Chicken & Rice and Salmon & Tuna varieties of the Purina ONE SmartBlend dry food for cats. The donations that will be made every time the code is scanned will be provided to the shelters within the Purina ONE network.

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