ShelfX announces launch of refrigerator that scans QR codes for inventory management

Shelfx mobile app qr code technology

Shelfx mobile app qr code technology

ShelfX has announced the release of a fridge that uses QR codes to know what it contains.

Innovative inventory management and self-checkout solutions provider, ShelfX, has announced that it is now offering a new product called the Vending Fridge, which uses QR codes to keep up with what has been added or removed from its contents.

This new product can be compared to the next evolution of the vending machine, as it provides consumers with a barcode scanning app that can be used with their smartphones, called the ShelfX Mobile App, which allows gives them the ability to buy refrigerated products. Te Vending Fridge is meant for installation into offices, hotels, gyms, retail stores, schools, coffee shops, libraries, and other locations where traditional vending machines are often found, but where more flexibility would be beneficial.

Once a location has a Vending Fridge, consumers simply scan QR codes to make their purchase.

All it takes is the download of the app, and the creation of an account where the consumer can enter his or her payment information. After that point, the smartphone user can scan the QR codes for the desired products, unlocking the door to provide access to the purchased beverages, fruit, sandwiches, or whatever else is being offered.

In order to make the process even more simple, once the consumers have registered for the account through the app, they will be automatically mailed an RFID-enabled Xcard, which acts the same way as the smartphone application. The accounts can also be created through the company’s website in order to minimize the creation of long lines or hassles at the time of purchase.

From the perspective of the Vending Fridge owner, all that must be done is stocking inventory.

All of the payment is managed through the QR codes and cards so that it occurs online, with the deduction of a small percentage each month for services and sales. Also available online for the owner of the machine is the inventory, so that the remaining quantities and types of individual products can be seen for restocking purposes or for the improvement of popular offerings.


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