Sergey Brin spotted with Project Glass

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Sergey Brin takes to New York subway adorned with Project Glass

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is not above taking the subway when he visits New York. Brin was recently spotted catching a train. Attracting attention is something that Brin is fairly used to, but this time attention was not directed at the well known Internet magnate but what he was wearing. For his jaunt through New York City, Brin was adorned with Google’s Project Glass, a wearable augmented reality system that has been the subject of praise and controversy.

Brin continues to promote augmented reality glasses wherever he goes

Indeed, Brin is rarely seen without Project Glass. The industrious entrepreneur has been one of the product’s chief advocates, showing up at a wide variety of affairs wearing the augmented reality headset. Like other famous people around the world, Brin looks decidedly normal. It is typically Project Glass that makes him stand out from among the crowd.


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Project Glass receives both praise and criticism

Project Glass is Google’s most ambitious foray into augmented reality. The company introduced the project in early 2012, suggesting that augmented reality technology would be used to revolutionize the way people see the world. In reality, however, the technology has proven more difficult to master and implement into Project Glass than the company had anticipated. Project Glass may not actually include augmented reality when it finally sees commercial release, which has been a point of controversy among those following the project. Critics suggest that Project Glass will be far less successful than Google expects if augmented reality is not supported.Google project glass augmented reality glasses

Glasses will include tools for developers

These criticisms have done little to deter Brin from showing off Project Glass wherever he goes. Project Glass may not support inherent augmented reality when it is officially launched, but Google is including a development kit in the product that will allow developers to fashion augmented reality applications for the product. In this way, Project Glass is likely to support augmented reality in some way, just not exactly how Google had envisioned when the company announced the project.

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